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PMU 16
PMU 16
PMU 16


PMU 16

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The EMU Black is a class-leading, stand-alone engine management system, designed to operate the most advanced and complex engines presently available. It is a successor of our proven system, EMU. During the EMU lifetime we collected lots of data that allows us to substantially improve the device hardware and software. EMU Black targets race cars, road cars, motorcycles, boats, and stationary engine applications. The EMU Black controls fuelling, ignition and auxiliary systems on 1-12 cylinder engines including those with drive-by-wire throttles and VVT. It can drive up to 6 passive or 12 smart coils directly and does not require external amplier/power modules to achieve this. Sophisticated drive-by-wire strategies provide a wide range of throttle control along with advanced plausibility (fault/error) checking for safety. The system capabilities increase over the time due to easily-upgradable, free of charge rmware (eg. new strategies, trigger patterns, CAN data streams).

The EMU features more built-in value than any other aftermarket ECU. It easily matches the functionality of other stand-alone management systems with advanced VE fueling strategies and multiple inputs and outputs. Unlike many other ECU systems, EMU has built-in wideband lambda input (Bosch LSU 4.2, and LSU 4.9 sensors wire directly in), MAP control connector (4 bar MAP internal MAP sensor), 2 EGT probe inputs and an input to directly connect a Flex Fuel ethanol content sensor. All of this provides greater exibility, reduces costs and negates the requirement for external or supplementary signal conditioning control systems and the associated wiring that other management systems require.

TECHNOLOGY EMU Black is assembled according to IPC-S-815A standards to ensure high reliability of the product. The device is manufactured on an automated assembly line with optical inspection, automatically tested including burn-in. The PCB board quality and design, special surface coating and IP67 enclosure keeps the device operational in the harshest environments. The components used allows continued operation in a very wide temperature range (AECQ-100 GRADE 2 (-40 to +105˚C).

In modern cars, variable valve timing is key to achieving high engine power over a wide RPM range, also improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. EMU BLACK supports most variable valve timing systems on the market (On/O, VANOS, MIVEC, VVTi, iVTEC, etc.). The hardware is capable of controlling two cams, based on high precision user congured PID control. Each camshaft has a set of two 3D tables (total 4 tables) directly dening target position that can be automatically or manually switched by the user.


Full sequential fuel Up to 8 cylinders
Wasted spark up to 12

Oxygen Sensor 1   Bosch LSU 4.2 or 4.9 (Wideband) or 4 wire NBO
EGT Sensor 2   Type K Thermocouples
CRANK sensor input 1   VR / HALL (software configurable)
CAM sensor input 2   VR / HALL  (software configurable)
VSS sensor input 1   VR / HALL ( software configurable)
Analogue voltage inputs  9  (0-5V range)
Temperature inputs 2  (IAT, CLT)
MAP Sensor Built in 400kPa range
Baro Snesor Built in
Switch inputs 3

Ignition outputs 6  Active / passive coils (software configurable)
Injector outputs 6 Hi-Z injectors outputs + 2 AUX for 8 cyl. cars
Auxiliary outputs 6 (Up to 7A)
Stepper motor outputs 4 (for bipolar and unipolar stepper motors) 7A full bridge
Spare injectors output as auxiliary  Yes
Spare stepper motor outputs as auxiliary Yes

Windows client USB 2.0
Other Extension port for additional modules (e.g. Bluetooth)

Real time data logging Yes
Boost control Open / Closed loop
WBO closed loop with 3D AFR Table Yes
Stepper motor idle control Yes
Idle bypass valve idle control  Yes
Ignition idle control  Yes
Knock control Yes
Gear dependent shift light Yes
Check engine light Yes + safe fail values for sensors
Fueling algorithms Speed density, Alpha-N, Alpha-N with MAP multiplication
VE table resolution 0.1 %
Ignition angle resolution 0.5 deg
Nitrous Injection Yes
Advanced acc. Enrichment Yes
Per cylinder fuel trim Yes
Per cylinder ignition trim Yes
Launch control  Yes
ALS Control  Yes
Password protection Yes
User defined RMP/LOAD breakpoints Yes
Tacho output Yes
Injector calibration Yes
IAT, CLT sensors calibration Yes
Coil dwell time calibration Yes
Traction control Firmware dependent, will be available for most popular systems in
future releases
Variable cam shaft control  Firmware dependent, will be available for most popular systems in
future releases

PMU 16