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EMU Pro 16
EMU Pro 16
EMU Pro 16
EMU Pro 16
EMU Pro 16


EMU Pro 16

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Advanced fueling model including closed-loop short- and long-term trim
algorithms combined with fuel film model gives exceptional accuracy of injectors
Software is designed to give the user unprecedented flexibility of configuration of
strategies. The user may adjust the size of all tables in the software and the channels used on each table axis. Bins values on the X and Y axis can be
changed too, which increases the accuracy of the table readouts in non-linear parts
of the described model.
Flexible system with custom functions, numbers, CAN inputs and CAN exports,
well known from Power Management Unit (PMU) and Advanced Display Unit
Stand-alone sequential gearbox/ paddle-shift advanced strategy, up to 4
closed-loop stages, PWM solenoids control.
Number of outputs and inputs covering most demanding applications.
Engine type support – Four-stroke, two-stroke, rotary; up to 12 cylinders.
Oxygen sensor – 2 x internal LSU 4.9 controller, up to 4 sensors support.
2 x DBW full support with auto-calibration.
User-defined table sizes up to 32×32.
Up to 4 VVT support, auto-calibration.
2 x CAN 2.0A/B, 1 x LIN bus.
2 x knock sensors.
Logging to external USB memory.
Up to 500 Hz data-logging.
8 [4] x EGT inputs (or high-precision analog inputs).
Total of 46[31] outputs and 30[24] inputs.
Custom user functions, numbers, tables, and outputs.
Water resistant IP 65 enclosure, bespoke CNC machined aluminum.
On-line parameters analysis displayed on the graph log.

*8-version features are listed in square brackets

EMU Pro 16
EMU Pro 16
EMU Pro 16