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PMU-24 DL Ecumaster


PMU-24 DL Ecumaster

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PMU-24 DL is a new and enhanced Power Management Unit featuring all the benefits of the PMU-16, now with 24 high-side outputs and internal data logging memory as a standard. All output states, voltage, and current information are transmitted via CAN bus to a dash display to inform the driver of potential problems. All logged data can be downloaded from the device for later analysis.


170 Amps total continuous current.
Operating voltage: 6-22V (immunity to transients according to ISO 7637)
Temperature range: AECQ-100 GRADE 1, -40 to +125°C.
10x 25 Amps high-side power outputs (PWM capable).
6x 15 Amps high-side power outputs.
8x 7 Amps high-side power outputs.
Up to 16 analog inputs.
24x tricolor LED for each power output state.
2x CAN 2.0 A/B.
256 MB data logger memory.
Up to 500 Hz logging frequency.
Real-time clock for data stamping.
3D accelerometer/gyroscope.
Built-in “inertia switch” in case of an accident.
Easy access to CAN-bus data (imports and exports).
Internal data processing using logical functions, numbers,
timers, and tables.
Custom PID controllers.
Fully customizable ”logic” for each output.
Flexible and intuitive client software.
Dimensions: 131x112x33mm, weight 385g