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Ecumaster ADU5


Ecumaster ADU5

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ADU5 Advanced Display Unit with Logging

 In an answer to market demand for a cost-effective dash-display solution, we are proud to announce the new ECUMASTER Racing Dash family of products.

Our specific goal was to create a fully customizable, feature-rich, quality solution for professional drivers. Based on their requirements and suggestions, we have designed and manufactured the perfect device to please every race driver and their engineering team.

We know how important it is to have a readable and easily configurable dash logger. One which clearly displays all the necessary data readings and even more importantly, comprehensively relays all important alarms to the driver in a compelling manner.

Our Advanced Display Units are available in 5” and 7” versions. Featuring high resolution, high visibility anti-glare screens, these guarantee perfect visibility even in adverse weather conditions.

The ADU comes with multiple pre-configured pages, which can be customized by the end user to display data required at every race stage (e.g. practice, qualification, race, troubleshooting, etc.) and changed manually or automatically (based on an advanced conditions system ). Each channel displayed on a page (gauges, icons, texts, etc.) can be easily modified using user-friendly, Windows based software.

Our comprehensive overlay system facilitates a multiple page display for important data (e.g. low oil pressure, best lap, etc.) independently of the actual page displayed. The ADUs are also equipped with 15 ultra-bright RGB LED diodes which can be used as an advanced gear-depended shift light and can be modified by user defined logic (e.g. alarms, low fuel level, etc.).

Using IR beacons or a GPS system the dash turns into a powerful lap timer with a predictive timing function. Advanced predictive lap timing, based on auto-update best reference lap is a feature of the qualification mode which can be activated by selecting the qualification page. Life time fuel consumption calculations are also part of the package.

As a result of this functionality, it is possible to calculate the fuel remaining in the fuel tank with great accuracy (assuming the ECU is able to send momentary fuel consumption data). This is a MUST have feature for any endurance racer. User configurable timers can be adjusted for additional functionality e.g. pit stop timer etc. The ADU also supports thermal cameras to monitor brake discs as well as tyre temperatures (up to 16 points per tyre).

Cross communication with other devices in the car is provided via two built-in, independent CAN BUS communication ports. Fully user-configurable, CAN streams together with pre-configured communications templates, allowing you to connect our hardware to virtually every engine management system.

To ensure all of the features work together seamlessly, our device is based on a 32-bit automotive controller, paired with a state of the art graphics processor. Such a combination provides the perfect working environment for any engineer or driver and guarantees anti-aliased, high quality graphics at 50 frames per second. For further data analysis, data channels can be logged to a USB Flash drive with a frequency of up to 500Hz. All these “Must Have” features and more, are housed in a rugged, specially CNC machined, black anodized enclosure.

General Specifications

  • Operating voltage: 6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637, with reverse polarity protection CPU: 32 bits, automotive, 90MIPS
  • Temperature range: -30°C to 80°C
  • Enclosure: Anodized aluminium, CNC machined, IP61
  • Connector: Automotive 36-way AMP connector
  • 5” display: Antiglare TFT, 800x480, active area 108x64.8mm, luminance 600 cd/m2
  • 7” display: Antiglare TFT, 800x480, active area 154.08x85.92mm, luminance 500 cd/m2
  • Alarms: 15 x ultrabright RGB LEDs
  • Communication: CAN: 2 x CAN 2.0B (250, 500, 1000 kbps) independent
  • Serial: RS232 (Rx,Tx)
  • USB: Yes, for data logging (dash programming must be done via CAN, using CAN to USB adapter, Peak Pcan, or Kvaser cable)
  • Inputs: Analogue inputs: 8 analogue inputs, 10 bits, 500Hz, software selectable pullups/pulldowns
  • Digital inputs: 8 inputs with user defined sensitivity
  • Outputs: General purpose 2 x protected 3A low side outputs
  • Other: Accelerometer: 3 axis gyro and 3 axis acceleration
  • Light sensor: Built in for auto brightness
  • Temperature sensor: Built in to trace device internal temperature
  • Real time clock: Built in with battery backup
  • Features: Lap Timer: Lap timer with memory, predictive timing, triggered by a beacon or GPS
  • Customization: 48 available pages, user defined content, custom graphics allowed
  • Functions: Math channels logical functions
  • Overlays: Yes, user defined
  • CAN stream: User defined, up to 48 input messages, predefined streams for popular ECUs
  • Logging: Memory: USB
  • Flash Memory Rate: Up to 500Hz per channel
  • Real time clock: Yes