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Megane 2 rs Forge bov kit


Megane 2 rs Forge bov kit

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A full Dump Valve kit for your Megane Turbo.

Unlike recirculation valves the Dump Valve or Blow Off Valve as its also known, vents the unused turbo boost pressure to atmosphere. This venting occurs when the throttle is shut and the boost has no where to go, this causes compressor surge and in worse cases can lead to turbo damage. This kit allows the valve to mount closer to the throttle body improving the response time and venting.

The BOV has that distinctive "pshhh" sound that some owners crave, but if that's not your thing, then see out uprated recirculation valve for a quieter operation.

Supplied as a full kit including Valve, Blanking Plate, Boost Pipe, Vac Pipe and Hose Clips.

* Black hosing is our usual stocking colour, but Red or Blue can be supplied on request within a few days in most instances. Valve and Blanking Plate are polished alloy as pictured. Please select from the options above. *