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Wossner pistons + PEC rods Megane 225/r26/r26r

wossner pec

Wossner pistons + PEC rods Megane 225/r26/r26r

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 Wossner pistons

Engine Code(s): F4R
Stroke: 93.00mm
Displacement: 1998ccm
Comp. Ratio: 9.0:1 & 9.5:1*
Comp. Height: 30.20mm
Weight: 280 gr
Cylinder Bore Size: 82.70mm , 83.00mm, 83.5mm

*PLEASE NOTE - To acheive 9.5:1 a 0.65mm MLS gasket will need to be used. If using the OEM 1.3mm MLS Gasket and Compresssion ratio of approx 9.0:1 will be acheived.*

All Wössner forged piston sets include; Pistons, Rings, Pins and Clips, so no hidden extras are required. At home in any engine from Fast Road to Motorsport use, Wössner pistons lead the way in both Performance and Reliablity!


Pec rods

All Prices include ARP Bolts, we offer an ARP 625 Bolt upgrade if required. As a guide ARP 2000 are for use up to 8500rpm and ARP 625 Bolts up to 9500rpm.

Designed to use OEM or Aftermarket / Performance crankshaft bearings.

Engine Type: F4R, F7P & F7R
Rod length C/C: 144.00mm
Small End: 21.00mm
Big End: 51.60mm
Bolts: ARP 3/8"

Recommended for use on all atmospheric engines or turbo / supercharged engines up to 750 BHP.